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Day 8 - Before & After

A friend of mine gave me a picture today which has inspired me.

It starts off with:
Things NOT to say to someone with a disabling chronic condition."

It hit home.
15 reasons it gives.

This is the first.

"But you don't look sick".

Ok, let me tell you something.
Look up. Yes, that's me. Before, and After.
The first picture was taken this morning, BEFORE my meds kicked in. So I was in considerable pain, and I didn't care that I took a snapshot that shows my face breaking out, redness, the awful bags under my eyes and my seemingly endless pout I have. Not intentional.

Don't tell me I don't look sick.
I don't sleep well.
Toss and turn.
The meds help me manage the pain, not the spasm- yet.

But here we go... This afternoon, when I finally found the energy to do... The right photo.

A swipe of mineral foundation here, some concealer there... Blend it in, ok skin's an even tone. Add some more concealer to under eyes- try to blend the awful blue and black half moons that seem permanently camped out there. Fail. Well, not totally.... You can't see them AS bad.

Swipe some color onto my lids.
In an attempt to make myself feel better, I try different combinations. This happened to be Mandarin and Cranberry, and a pretty white shimmer on my brow bone. Color in my brows, I almost forgot... Then grab the black eyeliner.

Go over it with Fig to tone down the black... Mascara, and another sweep of the brush to put more foundation on my skin. Evens it out even more- great stuff.
A healthy swipe of bronzer (what a lifesaver...) mascara, and lip gloss.

There you have it.
I don't look sick anymore.
I don't look rundown.
I don't look tired.
In chronic pain.
In any pain.
The color distracts and draws attention to my eyes.
They, however, still reveal my story.

Don't tell me I don't look sick.
The consequences... Will be creative.


shizhappens said...
July 18, 2010 at 10:03 PM

But, you don't LOOK sick... with all that makeup on. ;) J/k Amanda.

Snarky P said...
July 18, 2010 at 11:07 PM

Oh thank you very much!

I'm a gonna get creative if you don't knock your shit off ;)


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