The Haunting Time Is Coming Near!

The Ghoullog - Mountaintop Haunt at Cranmore, North Conway, NH

Day 1- The Eyes Tell the Story

I came across a photo project last night from a photograph collection of an artist which has inspired me. One photo a day, for an entire year.

Oh yes, some days will be hard. And for my eye shots, I'll have to edit them before I post- but there will be creativity in all of these pictures. Some will be random shots that I'll pick up and do on a whim. Some will be staged, and viewed from an artistic eye as best I can. This is where a tripod comes in handy. Which I have. And will utilize.

I'm sitting here thinking now, I can't wait to burn my cane. The one I walk with. There's so much numbness going on in my head right now from all the medications- I need to focus on what I can make better. I need to be creative. This, I think, is the perfect outlet to do such.

So to you, I give me. Photographs. Once a day. For a year. Perhaps longer, if I find the time to keep it up. I think this is a positive focus to drag me out of the depression and sad view I've struggled with through this back problem of mine, in addition to someone very dear just "giving me up" like that. So easy. I wish hearts weren't so vulnerable to breaking... But I am, broken, into so many pieces I can't pick them all up. I'm not picking any of them up. I shall stay as I am for now. I will heal. Maybe, just maybe.... I'll be able to smile in one of them someday.


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