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Day 14 - My Little Butterfly

I'm a nitpicker.
I'm not usually so much when 'm medicated... But for the wedding, I needed to look nice.
I did my nails. Now, normally it's a one color deal- swipe on and I'm done.
But this time, I wanted something a little more special.
So I gave myself a french manicure. Wooo-hooo.
Not bad, if I do say so myself.

And to make me happy, to remind me to smile,
I perched a little butterfly on my ring finger. Along with a crystal.
So that each time I looked at them, I'd smile. My right hand has a butterfly too- no crystal.
Honestly, I knew my camera would capture the detail I wanted.... But to actually see the glitter transfer outline of my little flutterby- that's kind of cool.


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