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200 Random Questions Survey

It's been a while since I last updated, I've been pretty busy and absent minded as usual. I thought a little reintroduction to myself would be ok to do- considering I haven't really been around in a while.

1. Who is your oldest friend? How long have you known them?
Kristen S. I've known her since 3rd grade.

2. Would you date someone you met online?
Probably not. You don't know what kind of a creep you're talking to.

3. What's your favorite song?
I have too many to list.... However, "Unchained Melody" is one of them.

4. Do you get along with your parents?
Yes, I do.

5. What are you wearing right now?
My pj's. It's Sunday, I'm allowed. Comfy pj pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt from Martha's Vineyard.

6. Yahoo or Google?

7. Do you have any piercings?
My ears, and a tongue stud.

8. Have you ever cut yourself?
By accident, yes.

9. Have you ever been on the radio?
I don't believe so.

10. What does the world need less of?
Violence and stupidity go hand in hand.

11. Cappuccino or coffee?
Coffee- from Dunkin Donuts.

12. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate all the way!

13. Do you study the Bible?
No. I don't.

14. Where did you go to school?
I went to school first in MA, and graduated from high school in CT.

15. How much do you weigh?
About 170. I don't look it, and I don't mind it. I'm a curvy girl. More chicks should be comfortable in their skin no matter how much they weigh.... True beauty comes from accepting yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. As I am.

16. Are you registered to vote?
Yes, and I DO vote.

17. Do you like yourself?
Not lately. I'm frustrated my body isn't cooperating with me, but I am making slow progress. I've become hermity and depressed, and I'm trying not to be.

18. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
Yes. But I'm not telling you where.

19. Last time you were really really mad?
Ummm, that would be at the state governor and the former Democrat .

20. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Finishing up watching "The Devil's Advocate", and then went to bed.

21. Do animals go to Heaven?
I believe they go somewhere other than here. If you choose to call it Heaven, then that's where they go.

22. Kleenex or Puffs?
Puffs. They have the healing soft aloe in 'em so I don't end up looking like lizard nose.

23. Dominos or Pizza Hut?
Pizza Hut- I love their breadsticks.

24. Do you get enough exercise?
I can't do any right now. Or at the very least, minimal. It sucks.

25. What is your favorite female name?
I have a few, but in case I have children, I don't want to say :) Nobody get's my baby's names. IF I have any... Until they're born.

26. Do you drink alcohol?
Occasionally. The medications I'm on aren't really conducive to drinking. I prefer my tea.

27. Have you ever been drunk?
Oh yes, many a time. Mostly in my younger years.

28. Have you ever been on a motorcycle?
Yes, and once I'm better... I'm getting one.

29. Right handed? Left handed? Both?
Right handed to write. Ambidextrous for most everything else.

30. Do you think you're attractive?
I think I'm pretty, but not super-model worthy.

31. When do you get up?
Whenever I can manage to crawl out of bed.

32. What's your favorite movie?
I have way too many...

33. One rumor that's been spread about you:
Haven't been any lately, because I haven't been socializing.

34. Have you ever been dumped?
Yes. And he didn't even have the balls to do it face to face.

35. Have you ever been hit on by the same sex?
Yes, a few times. It's quite flattering, but not my cup of tea so to speak. And I tell girls who I think are pretty just as much as well.

36. Do you like taking surveys?
I'm outrageously bored today. My back hurts, and I don't want to get up out of my chair yet.

37. Orange juice or apple juice?
Apple cider.

38. What's your favorite band?
Nine Inch Nails.

39. TV or movie?
Movie- specifically DVD's. It's too friggen expensive to go out and see a stupid movie now.

40. Do you consider yourself religious?
Not by most people's perception.

41. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
More times than I'd like to admit.

42. What kind of music do you hate?
Most rap, grunting and groaning heavy metal, and twangy country.

43. Have you ever done yoga?
No, I haven't yet.

44. What's your favorite store? 
Any place that sells shoes or jewelry.

45. Say something annoying.
"Something annoying"

46. Who did you last talk to?
Meem. She's over at the kitchen table.

47. What is your hair color?
Red & Black.

48. Where do you live?
With my parents for now, until I can get 100% fixed up and back to normal.

49. Do you like walks in the park?
They're alright.... Can't do them now, I'd hurt myself.

50. Mints or chewing gum?
Mints. I have braces- no gum for me!!

51. Have you ever made out with just a friend?

52. Do you believe in spontaneous combustion?
Not spontaneous. If I see someone do it, then I'll alter my opinion.

53. Do you get annoyed easily?
That depends on whether or not I'm PMS-ing, or if I'm already in a bad mood. Typically? No.

54. Have you ever been late to work because of myspace?

55. Do you still use film for cameras?
I have a digital camera.

56. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea?

57. Have you ever smoked?
I quit cigarettes.

58. Have you ever prayed to Bhudda?
No. But I have rubbed a Bhudda belly for good luck.

59. Would you be president if you could?
Yes. Maybe I could help this fucked up economy.
60. Land or water?
Water. I love water. I'm a Pisces- I'm at home and most comfortable near it.

61. Have you ever searched for your own name on Google? 

62. Have you ever been toilet papering?
No, I'd feel too guilty.

63. Watching or playing sports?
Watching. I'm too small to play.... I'd get road-killed!

64. Is there happiness in slavery?
If you're talking about the NIN song, then YES.

65. What is your favorite name?
I don't think I have one?

66. Hot or cold?

67. What is your favorite number?

68. Would you go rock climbing?
Sure, once I'm better and I know I'm in good physical shape that my body could handle it.

69. Would you try to take over the world?
Yes. LOL.... Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain...

70. Why do you admire people?
The ones I admire have good qualities that I share.

71. What is the last thing you said to someone?
"I don't smell burning paper."
72. Would you go skydiving?
No. My luck, the chute wouldn't open.

73. Have you ever peed your pants after age 8?
No. I potty trained well.

74. Do you hate yourself?
Some days I dislike myself, but I don't hate myself.

75. Do you smile a lot?
Not as often as I used to... I should. I just don't feel happy much of the time.

76. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
If I have been, they erased my memory and I have no recollection.

77. Would you chug beer? 
No, I like to sip my beers. And only the good stuff.
78. What's your favorite drink?
Kahlua or Bailey's, on the rocks.

79. Have you ever broken a bone?
Not that I've worn a cast for. I badly sprained or may have fractured my two pinkies.

80. Favorite age you have been so far?
When I was 24, and I had someone I let go that I shouldn't have. But... Everything happens for a reason, and things still haven't changed. So I'm sad it's over- but I deserve someone that will make me happy.

81. Cars or boats?

82. Would you be my friend?
Um, who's asking?

83. Favorite day of the week?
Every day is the same to me. Unfortunately. It's been that way for 7 months. And not much longer if I can get better quickly.

84. Have you ever beat someone up?
Yes. Nobody ever messed with me after that.

85. Would you have plastic surgery?
No, I'm happy with what I have.

86. Have you ever seen Nine Inch Nails in concert?
YES!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

87. Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?
Yes. It's sexy.

88. Who have you met online?
My online friends are just that- online. Many of them are fellow crafters. We're fun.
89. Do you read much?
Yes. I typically have 2-3 books going at the same time.

90. Are you afraid of the dark?
No. I'm not.

91. Have you ever been to a concert?
Yes, many of them... All fun!

92. Would you eat sushi?
I make my own sushi! nom nom nom nom!!!!!!!

93. Do you like the band Nine Inch Nails? 
Redundant question. Yes, I LOVE them.

94. Do you have any collections?
Collections of what? Bras? Yes. Undies? Yes. Socks? Yes. Fairys? Yes. DVD's? A few. What other collections should I have?

95. Are you color blind?

96. How much cash do you have right now? 
HAH. Hardly any. That's what happens when you're out of work because of a severe medical condition, short term disability is denied and you have to appeal, and can't go back to work or else can sustain permanent injury. It's friggen irritating.

97. Who is your newest friend?
MMmmm..... My online gal pals :)
98. Do you smoke?
I quit. From time to time, I'll have a puff of a cigarette, but otherwise.... I don't touch 'em anymore. I don't want 'em.
99. What is something you wish you were better at?
Being in a relationship that lasts longer than just a few months.

100. Last phone call?
Ummmm.... Feline.

101. What was the last compliment you received?
I have beautiful eyes.

102. Name one person you love, and why:
I can't name just one person. My family- because they're all here for me when I need them. My friends, because they are too.

103. Would you lie to your best friend?
No. Not unless it was a little white lie to cover up a surprise.

104. Tofu or bacon?
I like both, but I'll take the bacon please.

105. Who do you talk to most on IM?
I don't have IM. I use FB chat, but that's about it.

106. Are you a health freak?
Nope. But I try to keep a balanced diet.
107. Explain what you think about abortion.
I don't think it should be used as a form of birth control, and for "oops" moments. Abortion kills a child. However, if it's a product of rape, incest, or the child will have severe birth defects that will kill it shortly after birth if it even survives- I think it's the woman's choice (and in the case of birth defects, the father's as well) as to what she will do.
My personal opinion is that life begins at conception- even though it's a glob of cells dividing, it's the miracle of life that's beginning.
108. Have you ever been arrested?
109. What was the last insult you GAVE?
*flips off woman on cell phone blocking traffic because she's not paying attention* "Go back home you @*#&$)! Mass-hole!!!!!"
110. Favorite comic strip?
Calvin & Hobbes
111. Why do you like the music you do?
I listen to a wide array of music. I lifts my spirits, makes me feel better, and makes me want to dance- even though I can't right now.
112. What do you think of reality TV? 
113. What do you call those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces? 
They have a formal name??
114. Do you sleep naked?
Not typically.

115. Hug or kiss?
I don't like it when people touch me. I like to initiate, but it's ok if some people hug/kiss me. Just don't surprise me... You might get slapped by accident.
116. Would you flip off the pope?
If he did something stupid, yes.
117. Would you set yourself on fire?
No, I'm not that much of a jokester.

118. Do you like dogs?
Yes, but I'm a total cat person.

119. Do you love someone?
I love my family.
120. Your crush's first name: 

121. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
"Another day, I look like shit.*sighs*"

122. Yoga or pilates?
Pilates is fun.

123. Have you ever danced in public?
Of course. When I can move, I got some good ones!

124. Ocean or pool?
Ocean. Nothing beats hot sand, bright sun, seashells, waves crashing on the beach, salty air.

125. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Football and Ice Hockey!

126. What is your biggest fear? 
It's a tie between Spiders and Clowns.

127. When do you go to bed? 
Whenever I can manage to fall asleep and stay that way.

128. Who do you talk to most on the phone? 
My doctor's receptionists.

129. Do you find dead people interesting?
Some of them.
130. Logic or art? 

131. What does the world need more of?
Understanding. Common sense. Compassion.

132. Do you brush and floss?

133. Do you like to learn? 
I try to learn something new each day.

134. Would you run from the police? 
I can't run... lol

135. Have you ever been camping?
I love to go camping! Just can't do it in the condition I'm in now... Hopefully, next summer.

136. Lace or satin? 
Lace over Satin.

137. Have you ever written a song?

138. Have you ever missed a meal because you were busy on myspace?
No, I hardly bother with that site anymore. Too many freaking ads.

139. Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman? 
Both excellent writers. I can't choose.

140. McDonalds or Burger King? 
Neither one. I saw how chicken nuggets are made, so now I'm afraid of what's in the burgers. The apple pies are potatoes!!!!

141. Do you like dancing?
Yes, but I can't do it. Yet.
142. Coke or Pepsi?

143. Favorite country?
My own- America!
144. Shorts or pants?
145. Have you been on drugs?
Currently on prescription ones. It's all legal.

146. Do you want to have kids?
I'm undecided. I'd like to, but I think I'm getting too old now. Besides- I don't want to settle down just for the sake of having kids. That's unfair to them.

147. Do you want to get married?
Maybe someday.
148. Are you a vegetarian?
No. I'm an omnivore. I love my meat AND veggies. I'm not at the top of the food chain to eat like a rabbit.

149. Do you know how to drive a car? 
Of course I do. I prefer driving trucks though.

150. Happy or depressing music?
Depends on my mood.

151. What is your eye color?
Blue. They change colors- I go from light, to medium, to dark, and there's a ring of violet close to my pupil which is kinda cool.
152. Would you drop out of school or quit your job?
I never dropped out of school, and I've quit a couple jobs.
153. Do you believe that animals have souls?

154. Do you hate someone? 
Yes, I do.

155. Do you ever use your full name? 
It depends what for.
156. Have you ever shoplifted?
No. I'm too afraid of being caught.

157. Have you ever been in a movie?
Do youtube videos count?

158. Do you have a bad life?
No. I'm just having some difficulty with it these past 8 months.
159. Favorite city?
Boston. My hometown.... I <3 it!

160. Would you give money to a hobo?
Yes. Some of them.

161. What is the perfect day for you?
When I wake up and I'm not in pain. And perhaps finding someone I want to be the last thing I see at night, and first thing when I wake in the morning.
162. Are you a neat freak?
I plead the 5th.

163. Have you ever fallen in love with a neighbor?

164. Are you ghetto?
Hahaha, no.

165. If you had to get married now, who would you want to marry?
I don't have to say.

166. Group or single dates?
Both are fun, and both should be done in equal parts.

167. Last time you used the bathroom? 
A while ago.

168. Have you ever considered suicide?
Yes. During some bad spells. But... Someone always has it worse off than I do, and committing suicide would only hurt my family. The sun comes up each day- and it's each a new one to make things better.

169. Do you know how to drive stick?
Yes, it's fun! And I even know how to drive it without using the clutch!

170. Have you ever asked someone out?
Most of my boyfriends I have.

171. Would you date someone younger than you?
I have. But never more than a year younger than me.
172. Have you ever been to a different country?
Just up to Canada so far.
173. What is your favorite flavor in general?
Peach, or pistachio.

174. When you wake up, what is the first thing you think? 
I wanna sleep just a little while longer....
175. Do you get motion sickness?

176. How tall are you? 
177. Do you like the band Radiohead?
They've got some good songs.

178. Explain what you think about dating.
Heh. I'm close to giving up. It sucks sometimes, because you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to the other person- and a lot of times it's not reciprocated. And then they hurt you by tearing your guts out. But not everyone does that.
179. Favorite type of shoe? 
Heels. I just can't wear them for now.

180. Have you ever gone streaking?

181. Do you believe in yourself?
Yes, I do.

182. Do you own a camera phone?
Duh. I think they're all pretty much camera phones LOL

183. Do you want to go to college?
I have been, I just didn't graduate. I'll go back for an esthetician's license though.

184. Who do you want to meet?
Whomever comes into my life.

185. Have you ever sworn?
Often. I need to stop...

186. Have you ever gone to a private school?
No, I haven't.

187. Have you ever kissed someone?
Duh, of course I have.

188. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. Lust at first sight is the more accurate term.

189. Have you ever performed on stage?
Yes, when I was younger. It was cute.

190. How do you vent anger?
I cry. I used to go out and drive around. Listen to music. Talk to my parents.

191. Why are they called fingers if they don't fing?
Stupid question!!
192. Have you ever skipped school?
Yep.... And I got caught... So I got in-school suspensions.

193. Do you own a car?

194. Who is your favorite celebrity? 
I don't have one.

195. Do you hold grudges?
It depends on what's done to make me angry.... Sometimes I let it go, others I don't.

196. Do you wear glasses?
I have them, but I don't wear them as often as I should. I don't want my eyes to get worse.

197. What's your family like? 
Awesome. Silly. Funny. LOUD. Bickery. We're fun.

198. Have you ever been on a road trip? 
Yeah, kind of.

199. What does your name mean?
Worthy of being loved, Friend.
200. Last time you saw your dad?
About 2 miliseconds ago- he's cooking something at the stove.

It's been a while....

Since I've posted, and I apologize.
There's a lot going on.... And while I've been kept busy with some things, there are others that just reduce me to a lazy, sleepy slug that just doesn't want to be social.
I've failed epically on my picture a day for a year project. I'm going to start it over. Soon.

I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm doing ok.... I'll write more tomorrow.
xoxo ~*SP


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