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Day 19 - Eyelashes

Day 19 - Eyelashes, originally uploaded by The Snarky Princess.

The look today was mauve tones on my eyes.
I put on one of my favorite skirts in the world- a paisley patterned, lightweight wrap skirt. It blows in the wind and I feel like a country girl... But I guess if this is where I am, this is where I am. I can look the part some days.

Today was slow... I'm very sore, and I'm very irritable.

I had a very nice evening with my Mom- we don't really go out often, because typically I can't, but we went to see a play tonight. Sappy stuff, but whatever- there were some funny moments.

This picture was taken on the way there.

Mauve tones. I think I like it a lot.


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