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Day 7 - Pensive

Day 7 - Pensive, originally uploaded by The Snarky Princess.

Selective color.

I like it in some photos.

Today has been rough.
So I did what I do to feel better... I broke out the RED lipstick.

Put some on, always feel good.
Then I made the bad decision to take the picture outside- swarmed by mosquitos and horse flies. UGH.

Got some good shots, but this was my choice for today.

Shock of color.
Yes, my hair is that red.
Yes, my lips are now that red.
My eyes toned down today.

She Wants Revenge.

I don't wanna fall in love.
And things are not so easy.
I know I'll have regrets, but that's the price of having learned the tough way.
Heart's gone anyways.
I want to be known as the red haired girl around town.

Once I can get out and around... And who knows when that will end up being.

Hey look! I made it one week so far!


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