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Give Hugs... Even If You Think You Don't Have The Time

I'm venting this morning. It seems this week has harbored so much death, and I finally thought it was time to write about it.

A young teenage girl that I didn't know, but two of my friends did, was murdered over the last few days.
An 18 year old boy died from severe head trauma after a car accident at the beginning of this past week.
A 30 year old Navy Seal died from a parachute accident today. Today. The day hasn't even gotten going. Not really for me at least.
Two people, unidentified due to pending investigation, died in a plane crash in Maine yesterday.
21 year old Kelsey died after being ejected from her vehicle, then having a semi-truck hit her. The police believe she was using her phone as she drove yesterday.

Rest in peace Chloe, Suda, Tyler, Kelsy, and the two unidentified people in the plane crash. They each have names. They stay alive in our memories. For close friends and family, there are pictures, memories- they won't fade if you don't let them.

They all have names. They all have family who loved them. Friends who did too. It sucks, but the reports should be good.
Chloe should have been in the paper for having touched so many lives as I've heard- so sad that such a bright flame should be snuffed out so early.
Suda should have been in the paper for playing in the string trio, along with his mother and sister.
Tyler should have been in the paper for his standout leadership and actions in the war, and the accolades he received for serving his country.
The two people in the plane should have been in the paper for their own reasons.
Kelsey should have been in the paper for her accomplishments.

I'm on a rant here for a moment- we shouldn't have these deaths. They could have, for the most part, been avoided. Beyond things that are out of our hands and unavoidable- there's no reason all these people, children, had to die. But... Sometimes that's what fate has in store for us.

The moral of this post?
Hug your children close.
Give your parents a hug as you run out the house to go do something.
Hug your friends as you share a laugh. Or leave for the afternoon/evening.
Don't think it's embarrassing, you don't need to do it... Or that it makes you feel funny.
Life is precious, short. We never know when it will be taken.
Live the best you can with each day you've been given.
Never forget to love.


shizhappens said...
July 18, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Wow! Thank you for sharing this "rant". It was very heart felt, and has a very important message.

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