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Day 11 - Not Working

Day 11 - Not Working, originally uploaded by The Snarky Princess.

When people assume we like missing work, or can't come in- and it's like a mini-vacation.... This really pisses me off.

It's not the reason we're not at work.
Most times, the medications (as in my case) makes me so muddled and foggy that you CANNOT function to do your job properly. I can't.
It's not like we're out playing, running around, going places because we're out of work.

Most times it's days spent in a bed.
Or laying and sleeping on a couch, or recliner as I do.
It's consisting of forgetting important things. Or having a conversation and repeating what you said minutes ago- but not realizing it. This really aggravates people and doctors. Everyone.

It's missing out on camping trips, road trips, and get togethers- because we're sick. No drinking- out of the question.

It's maybe taking a ride, having someone drive you so you can get out for more than 5 minutes. Change the scenery. Get an ice cream cone. A coffee. Something small and insignificant that people take for granted in their daily lives when they feel great.

It's having the medicines turn you inside out so that you've become a hermit. Don't want the friends around, but miss them. Afraid they'll see you in this weakened state- and run. Forget you. Not be your friend anymore.

For some it's a dealbreaker in a relationship. For others, it brings them closer.

This is not a vacation we're taking.
It's legitimate time taken to get better, heal, to find a cure. Relief. That word is so elusive to so many of us.

So before you open your mouth and say something stupid like this... Just remember that maybe one day you'll need to miss work for a while.

You'll learn to hate the 4 walls you're confined to.
You'll start to crumble, slowly forgetting who you were.
Why? The pain overwhelms. Changes you. It's done so to me.
The meds- they muddle your thoughts, change as you do. Forgetful.
You'll push away some of your friends.
The true ones will say "I don't care- I'm still coming to check on you."
Others won't be able to handle the fact that you'll need help often- and won't be there for you. They'll step outside the circle.
Can't handle it.

Don't be an idiot and assume we're having "fun time off".

It's anything BUT fun.


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