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Day 5 - Violet Femme Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Mine are blank, unfocused, empty. Pretty. But nevertheless, expressionless most days.
It's the medication.

This is how I play.
I create.
Makes me feel better.

Today I wanted violet eyes. I got them.
Pinks and purples tones on my eyelids, and my faithful black eyeliner. Can't go wrong.

Last night I broke our stairs. It would have been better if I had happened mid-day, but these things don't work like that I guess. Went to go to bed, and boom.. There goes the stairs. Bottom 2. I thought I was going to fall through and slide down into the basement.

Thankfully, they didn't fall OFF.
But I panicked, jerked myself upright and backwards, nearly fell. Once I knew the stairs weren't going anywhere, I turned around and sat on the 4th step up.

The end result... Today has been a very painful day. Not even the increase of the medicine dosage was able to mask it. The spasm flares up. *sighs*

There's also rain on the way.
Yes, I can predict the weather.
The spasm gets knotted, the pain creeps further around where it normally centers right above my right hip, on my back. A little right of my spine. Excruciating.
No comfortable position can be found. Not for any amount of time at least.

So... In an (nearly successful) attempt at being bright and positive today... This is what I was. Violette.


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