The Haunting Time Is Coming Near!

The Ghoullog - Mountaintop Haunt at Cranmore, North Conway, NH

Day 15 - Always a Bridesmaid...

Never going to be a bride.

Then again, I hear that what you want most usually happens when you least expect it.

What a lovely day yesterday... The food, the entertainment, the bride and groom.
The wedding cake was amazing to look at- and even better eats.
I only fell once- and at that, I was able to catch myself against the wall. I think because I stayed upright, my leg didn't stay numb as long and I got feeling back pretty quickly.

I was entertained by the fact I was the only redhead there.

Sat most of the time- but was able to get up and shake a little bit. Seated mostly because I didn't want to walk using my cane. I hate that I have to use it. But- that's life. It's mine until I get better.

The rain held off- and it ended up being a beautiful day.

Slept during the car-ride home. My backseat is quite comfortable.
Being barefoot was awesome. Everyone in the bridal party and immediate family looked amazing. I'm rambling.


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