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Day 26 - Angsty

Day 26 - Angsty, originally uploaded by The Snarky Princess.

Makeup again.
Today was almost more rain... The warm front lingered, the cold front came through. Unfortunately, there were no storms. It upset me- considering when it's like this- I'm very uncomfortable. Trying to be positive- but in this kind of weather, with this kind of pain... It's difficult.

So I stayed quiet most of the day. Medicated and in a haze, just like what lingered outside. Finally decided to do a makeup tutorial with the look above. Ladies loved it, and I told them I'd make one. I did it. Finally.

I have to say- I'm glad I came up with this combination. I like the dark, the red... It fits with my moods. A little too perfectly.

Angsty. Dark. Sullen. Morose. Disappointed. Angry. Depressed. Hopeful. Doubtful. Frustrated. Angry. Skittery. Itching to get out. Mad that I can't work.

Pissed off because I had a promise from someone, and they didn't follow through.

Everyone wonders why I'm so cynical and blunt.


How else would you have me?

No other way.
Because THIS is who I am.


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