The Haunting Time Is Coming Near!

The Ghoullog - Mountaintop Haunt at Cranmore, North Conway, NH


Yep, that's what they call it.


So my group of friends are mostly guys... No big deal, I'm sure I'm not the ONLY girl out there that has the majority of her friends of the male species.
I digress.

They're hilarious. Good peoples, indeed.

So when there's a night that's announced that we're "hanging" out... All I gotta say is WATCH OUT!

Dirtbaggin: being of this group, especially if you're a guy.
*please note, I, while female, am an honorary dirtbag. so is izzy, but that's another story....

There's acting like a Dirtbag. (which isn't really bad, per se...)
There's the official Dirtbag Hat. (pictures later)
There's drinking like a Dirtbag. (Izzy isn't allowed... Yet...)
There's talking like a Dirtbag.
Ahhhh... Yes... That last one must be my favorite.
I could, myself, walk in to a bar and make the sailors rush out red faced and choking on the remnants of their beers. However, since I tend to be on the more reserved side of things (sometimes) it's not often I get the opportunity to flex my Dirtbag-mouth.

Heh, that could be taken a different way than it was meant... But so be it.

So let the merriment, festivities and events commence....
And behold the wonder of free flowing alcohol.

Ladies and gentleman... It's sure going to be a night tonight....
And perhaps, if you're lucky, I'll even bring the camera.



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