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The Day After.... And Shower Curtains.

So I went ahead and did it...

Acted like a Dirtbag.
In the kindest sense possible- not quite a lady, of course, from various reports.
Mehhhh... I had a little bit of a rough night, but I talked it out... Friends are great. I don't even know what triggered it.

Wait, YES I do.
That nasty Everclear.
Dave- I will NEVER drink that crap again.

Oh, you want to talk about drinking liquid chalk, and then having the cotton mouth to back it up? Well.. There ya go. That stuff is nasty. Not only did he not tell me what was in the shot glass, he todl me it was Vodka first. I hate vodka, unless it's mixed in something. So there I was protesting, and it was "Open Up, going down the hatch..."
great. just what i always wanted...

Now let me say, I don't need chasers.
I don't particularly like them.
But this Everclear stuff made me absolutely speechless. I couldn't even react to how gross it was for about 2 solid minutes. I know I just sat there, with an incredulous look on my face, trying to get my tongue unstuck from the roof of my mouth... Which, somehow, had become caked in chalk dust. Or at least felt that way.
Miraculously enough, I got it unstuck. And hence the Dirtbaggin mouth followed... Ooooh, yes. Cussing like a sailor, and trying to spit the taste out of my mouth. Much of the rest of the evening after that, I don't recall too well... Never again, though, never again. I didn't get sick. Just... More innebriated than I'd like- which I don't enjoy. I don't remember much of the night, but I don't want to do another one like that ever again.

Allow me a moment to rant here about McDonald's.
It was quarter to 3 when we stopped, on the way home. I insisted. I wanted a number 12, breakfast. Awful, I know, greasy and so delicious. Bad bad bad for the diet. But I had a hankerin, so I begged to stop.
Lo and behold, the breakfast menu was up. At 2:46 am.
They were serving dinner. Not breakfast.
My thoughts... Don't put up the breakfast menu if you're not serving it.
It's false advertising. I really wanted the steak egg and cheez on a bagel... But no, I had to settle for a double cheezburger. Yes, I had a cheezburger.

And extra pickles.

But now to the fun part of my post.
I'm moving the weekend after next, with my roomie Greg. Yep. Bigger place.
I get my own room, and most excitedly.... My own bathroom!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm hunting online for some cute things to decorate with. I've manged to come up with a few.
Take a look if you will... Vote!

I can't decide if I want a grown up looking bathroom, or a little playful punk one. Heh... It doesn't mean I can't switch out shower curtains each week, I suppose... So I may go for both...

First up in the Shower Curtain Bathroom Contest.

Pretty sparklies for $29.99.

It's purple. I'm not a big fan of purple. But it's long, it's sheer, and it's got little mirrors on the curtain. Very pretty. Reminds me of a spa... Hm... That's an idea... A lavender and sage bathroom... I'll think about it...

But this way, I can decorate with purple, greens, dark woods etc. I don't know if in the new place we have windows in the bathrooms... Most likely not. But it's nice to hope. If not, I'm definitely pulling out my candle stash and decorating profusely with those. Maybe even find my oil burner, and put in the Sweet Bay Rose oil I have... Talk about relaxing! I'd live in my bathroom.... Nevermind my bedroom! I can see it now... Relaxing in a nice bubble bath, a candle or two going... Some music in the background... Yes! Heaven!

Next up, as you all know... I love anything with wings.
Dragonflies, Butterflies, Fairys.

Whimsical and Dreamy for $14.99.

Blue and Green and White shiny things with wings on this one. Love it! Any colors in the bathroom with this one, I suppose... And I like it.

The rest of the bathroom decor will have to be a bit... Subdued. Plain, simple. And I'm ok with that. Since I'm planning to get an over the toilet storage cabinet- wood would work well with this one as well, as long as it's dark. Not going to be black, because it's too harsh... And too tricky to keep perfectly clean all the time. Either a dark cherry, mahogony or black-brown cabinet will do. I like rich colors- and I think they'll blend nicely with what I'm trying to do. But... The end result will remain to be seen.

And the final is most definitely my "Gotta Have Some Fun" design.
Skullz and Starz..... And I'll add rhinestones!

Yes, this is my guilty pleasure for $29.99.
I love skulls, I love stars, I love anything that glitters. The bathroom has a resident Skull Decoration- which is now packed away until we move in less than 14 days. But he will arise once again to adorn my bathroom door.
The tricky part to this bright PINK confection, is towels and accessories. I suppose I could go with white, or pink... But.... Mehhhh. I'm not crazy about the color pink in my bathroom.

But this is totally cool for a punked out girlie bathroom. And I'm trying to curb this intense desire right now to purchase this immediately. Why?

Because I'd totally get some black lace trim, hang it from the top. Get some metal star curtain hangers, and some rhinestones to apply with my favorite fabric glue. And VOILA! A totally rockin skulls and stars, sparklies and dark lace confection for my bathroom.
My need now is to have someone advise me which of the three is most me.
And give me a reason, if you don't like the skully pink, WHY NOT!


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