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The Waiting Game... Sucks.

And so it's still determined that nothing is abnormally wrong with my bloodwork. This is so entirely frustrating and absolutely baffling. The thyroid issue is under control, and I'll have that checked again in about 5 months. But there's still no explanation as to why I'm still locked up in such a severe spasm in my lower back.

I've more new medicines to take. It's incredible... With what I've already been medicated with- I should be doing backflips and acrobatics for Barnum & Bailey's Circus. Unfortunately- I'm still stuck at the "stay off your feet unless it's absolutely necessary" part. Not quite where I had hoped to be by now....

Tears. Not as in crying, but as in torn. Both the ligament and muscles in my back are torn- and this is most likely from my car accident and falling down the stairs in 2007. My doctor doesn't think I've ever healed properly from it- and this resulting spasm is happening because I wasn't treated the correct way when it first started to flare up. It's already been a month since I've been home, and I'm just barely starting to have it relieve. I'm part of the mistake, considering I have a high tolerance for pain and I wait until I'm past where I should be to see a Dr. So, bad on my part, but I'm religiously seeing him now. I'm getting a little relief- and I'm noticing I'm moving around a little better. But that's not good enough for me... I should be moving around a lot better than this. And it's frustrating.

I have a cane. I have a walker. I didn't think at 29 I'd have either. The good news is that I don't need to use them forever. This injury is fixable. It's just a matter of figuring out what medications will be the magic combination to do the trick. Out of the bagful I've collected, I've now been knocked down to just a few. All of them together was starting to give me bad heartburn, which of course is no fun- and really worrisome since they're so harsh on my tummy. I don't want to end up with ulcers... So a pain medication, a skeletal relaxant, a heartburn reliever, and an anti-inflammatory is what I'm now on. The pain med/relaxant combination isn't what I was hoping to take- but... It's medication that helps. I'll also be losing more weight, since the two together make me have almost no appetite and just the smell of food makes me sick. Since I've been home, I've already dropped 20 lbs. It's sure not because I'm exercising- lol. So more will go- and I hope we can get this tamed so I can get back on my feet and back to work.

This combination of medications is a trial- meaning the anti-inflammatory and heartburn ones are on the table to see if they help. I hope so. Sheesh. Anything that says "May cause dizziness" knocks me the hell out. I'm like a zombie. I just don't eat brains. Or humans. Or really anything at all. And I'm totally and completely rambling again. Another MRI may be in store for the other condition mentioned, but it's a remote chance I have said problem. I don't even consider it something I'd even have- as other symptoms haven't presented. So therefore, I believe I don't have it. It's a case of inflammation cutting off nerve responses- and me falling down because of it. These new meds should help.

On a weird note- celebrating Memorial Day yesterday we had gone to parades in various towns around up here. Me- I pretty much just sat in the car and watched the Legion and Band Members march past, and listen to the services being given. The weird part was that apparently there are really bad wildfires up in Canada that are raging- and the winds shifted just enough that it blew the smoke down here. Yeah- I'm totally not even kidding at all. My lungs aren't too happy with me- with the asthma and all, but it was weird being outside and smelling campfire everywhere we drove. I mean, I can sit in front of a campfire- no problem. But this was like a haze that blanketed everything- we couldn't see nearby mountains or some cliffs- never mind Mt. Washington from the Vista! That's how bad it was! But yeah... My lungs aren't too happy- so in addition to Dory, you can call me Wheezy too.

Oh, and I got more succulents. I'm going to plant them in a bonsai pot that I have, so I'll have a pretty little succulent garden to look at. Since I can't garden outside like I want to, the best I can do is sit at the table inside and do it. Hah. We'll see... I've been procrastinating planting them all week.


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