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I had another Dr. C appointment, and I woke up completely twisted and kinked the wrong way. Pain on a scale from 1-10 was maintaining at 5. He immediately saw the way I was sitting, felt my back, and said "You're tighter than a tight drum... Let's go..."

Off to the manipulation room we go... And he has me lay down. It was nerve block day. He didn't want to adjust me before the blocks, so we went through all the usual- release form, benefits, pros and cons, and he got the needle. Now... I'm not afraid of needles, as I've been stuck with them so many times before, it's like a little pain prick and it's gone. I've had many hospital visits because of my chronic asthma, and I'm also a blood donor when I'm well and not on medication. To divide off here for a moment, it's really upsetting to me I can't donate blood right now because of the medications I'm taking. *pout* I'll be well someday- and I'll pick back up then. Anyways- first up was mapping which nerves were the most inflamed. This was the most hurtful, excruciating painful part of the process- as he had to use his fingers and push into my back. If you remember correctly, I can lay on that portion of my back on memory foam, or a soft chair/couch, but anything harder than a light pressure on that spot of my back is like sticking a hot fire poker into my flesh. Yes- that bad.

He was kind enough to find the outer nerves first, there were two, before moving to the inner ones. They were the worst- forcing my muscles into a spasm that won't let go, because it's so inflamed and painful. So in go his fingertips- which I'm sure had he touched any other part of my back wouldn't have hurt at all- and I nearly jumped off the table. I wanted to scream, but I buried my head in the pillow and grabbed the sides of the table to concentrate on not moving. This happened a few times, since he needed to pinpoint where these suckers were- and as it turns out, there were two badly inflamed ones within this section too.

He went and got the medicine, and came back with a needle that made me think twice. Even though he had given me one block before (just one area), I hadn't seen the needle last time- only my parents did. I just concentrated on relaxing as much as I could. Signed the release form, and here we go. He started at the top of the affected area, right above my right hip, and moved down. The medicine stung a bit going in, but the pinpricks of the needle going through my skin bothered me this time- and my Dr. quipped that I was "thick skinned". I laughed to myself, because if I had moved, it would risk him losing control of the needle and either ending up in the wrong place or hitting the nerve itself. I'm proud to say, even though it hurt... I stayed absolutely still. I concentrated on how my hands felt on the table... He finished with the 4th shot, then my leg was cold. I thought it was just me.

Dr. C had me roll to my side, then picked up my leg. It didn't hurt as bad... It worked! Success! He was able to adjust me, since all four of my vertebrae from L3 to S1 were out of place- of course, causing me pain and keeping the inflammation high. While the spasm really hadn't released much, he was able to adjust me to get all four back in- which he hasn't been able to do at all up until this point. I was relaxed enough through my lower back now, with the aide of the block, for him to move me.

Then the test... Of whether or not I could walk ok. So I got up hesitantly, and took a few steps. My leg was still really cold- and he said it was normal, the chilly feeling would wear off in a few days. I still felt twinges and pain, but it wasn't nearly as bad. Going through the pain beforehand completely wiped me out, which is why I didn't do anything but sit in my chair for the rest of the day.

This morning, I've noticed while I don't really have the constant pain which is sharp in that section of my back, I've got a dull throbbing ache instead. The difference is that it's bearable. For the first time since this whole thing started 6 months ago, it's bearable- and I'm not medicated to high heaven, not in a fog. Not useless. I still am noticing a slight amount of pain down my leg- but again, nothing like it had been. I think because I had felt it so long, I didn't notice how bad it really was. Coupled with the new medication I'm on, which blocks the pain receptors from getting pain signals, it's a welcome relief to feel like this. I just hope a sneeze doesn't slip anything out of place in my back- which has been happening. I've noticed I'm a little straighter, but I'm still favoring my right side, because it does continue to hurt a little. I'm really hoping this block works more than 6 weeks- which was the average the other one lasted... Even though they're supposed to last 6 months. Aye.

I'd say we're starting to finally make progress in the forward direction. Pain level is 2 today. Leg is still cold though.. Hah.


Paige said...
September 16, 2010 at 12:38 PM

I'm so happy to hear you're making progress, and were able to get adjusted! I'm praying that everything stays in place, the block continues to work, and the meds as well. And that the 2 goes to a 1 or 0 *very* soon!

Snarky P said...
September 16, 2010 at 1:28 PM

Thank you so very much Paige!
I'm working on staying positive about this... We're at least headed in the right direction at this point :) I'm so happy, I could dance... But only in my daydreams for now!

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